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Tukio Travels is a young dynamic company with a passion for sharing the vast beauty and rich culture found in Southern Africa. We are a boutique travel company that prides itself in creating affordable and fun-filled itineraries for individuals and families.


Our specialty is tailoring your travel experience to suit your needs and your budget. We pay attention to the little details so that we can help you decide what that experience is whether it’s an adrenaline-seeking adventure like bungee jumping off the exhilarating heights of the Victoria Falls Bridge or enjoying a relaxing day soaking in the breathtaking views at Vergelegen Wine Estate in South Africa while sipping your wine of choice.

We help you decide which countries to visit and what to see and experience while there. Whether you travel to one or all of the beautiful countries on our list you’ll go home with a love for Southern Africa ingrained in your heart

Our team of experienced professionals takes pride in their roots and is excited to show you the treasures our countries have to offer. We arrange trips through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. We know the best of what each country has to offer and we’re here to help you see them in all their splendour.


A little word about our founder…

Before we get to the list of his impressive work experience, let’s first paint a picture of our founder Chris Muzhira for you.

Chris is the perfect gentleman; you know the type who pulls your chair out for you. He’s also passionate, and we mean burning, about giving back to his community. Having himself experienced hardship as a child, Chris fully understands the stress of financial pressures. Chris’s childhood was fast-tracked and raised by a single mum, Chris was soon responsible for supporting his family financially and for paying his own school fees.


Clearly Chris is someone who understands hard work but, he also fully appreciates the importance of rest. And so, Tukio was formed with the aim of sharing his passion and love of Africa with the world. With over 12 years in the tourism industry, and experience working at various award-winning lodges, Chris was perfectly situated to begin Tukio Travels.

If you’re looking for the perfect guide to unravel the gems hidden within the African soil, look no further, Chris has them all nestled his palms.

Read more about his successes here:

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